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Corncrake conservation management

Corncrakes, RSPB Oronsay reserve


Image: Andy Hay

Corncrake populations in the UK declined for over a century but have increased two or three-fold since conservation management began in 1993. Maintaining this recovery requires continuing scientific input to ensure that agri-environment and reserve management measures remain effective.

Project objectives

  • Monitor corncrake populations to provide information on status and response to management
  • Study habitat factors (extent of habitat, grassland management) to identify improved conservation measures.
  • Study methods used to rear and release corncrakes for re-introduction.

Key dates so far

  • Corncrake population of Scotland increased by ca. 2.5 times in 15 years.
  • Small population of corncrakes established in the wild at the Nene Washes, Cambridgeshire.

Work planned or underway

Continuation of corncrake monitoring in Scotland. Continuation of scientific studies of reintroduction in England.


Scientific papers and popular booklet

Who to contact

Dr Rhys Green
Principal Research Biologist and Professor of Conservation Science


Scottish Natural Heritage

Natural England

Zoological Society of London

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust

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