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The RSPB's Ecological Services

RSPB staff member surveying

Image: The RSPB

We are a team of experienced RSPB staff, providing a range of high-quality ecological services with conservation in mind. As a 'one-stop shop', we draw up management plans, make them happen and monitor success.

We provide a range of ecological services with conservation in mind. We are based in Dorset but work further afield where we have a particular expertise and offer the perfect solution.

Our team of RSPB staff includes skilled ecologists and staff with extensive practical experience of habitat management on the ground.

Project objectives

  • We provide a quality service to meet the needs and/or solve the problems of our clients.
  • All our work has a conservation focus and much of our work helps protected sites, rare species or biodiversity action plan priorities. We do not accept work related to major developments, which may have an adverse impact.
  • We work on a wide range of habitats - from wetlands to calcareous grassland, from woodland to heathland.
  • Any profit goes towards the RSPB's core conservation work.
  • We range far and wide - from Bedfordshire to Brittany.
  • We work safely.
  • Our clients include the National Trust, SITA, Natural England, Hampshire County Council, Qinetiq, Viridor, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Parkstone Golf Club, Dorset County Council and private landowners and farmers - and the RSPB.

Work planned or underway

These are our main services:

Strategy and planning

  • GIS mapping and spatial strategies
  • Management plans
  • Farm Environment Plans and Environmental Stewardship applications
  • Dealing with arisings from habitat management
  • Green audits/environmental management
  • Felling licence applications
  • Public consultation processes

Surveys (not just birds!)

  • Bird surveys
  • Bat surveys
  • Invertebrate surveys
  • Reptile surveys
  • Vegetation surveys

Habitat management

  • Scrub clearance
  • Tree felling and timber extraction
  • Tree safety work
  • Foraging heather, rush, grass, etc.
  • Coppicing/pollarding
  • Removing alien species from ponds
  • Controlled burning
  • Spraying bracken, gorse, birch, gaultheria, etc.
  • Wet grassland management with low ground-pressure tractor
  • Firewood processing


  • Timber
  • Firewood (logs)
  • Woodchip
  • Stakes and faggots


We employ staff and manage the following projects on behalf of partners:

  • Dorset Urban Heath Grazing Partnership
  • Chesil Beach Little Tern Wardens
  • Nature After Minerals in Dorset

Publications and reports


  • A Guide to Applying for a Felling Licence for Deforestation, 2009 (For Natural England and the Forestry Commission)
  • Updating the EIA for Tree Removal From Heathlands, 2008 (For Natural England and the Forestry Commission)
  • Stodmarsh Sustainable Reed Cutting – Feasibility Study 2010 (For Natural England)
  • Investigation of the Uses of Arisings From Habitat Management, 2008 (For the RSPB)
  • Southern Damselfly on the Purbeck Estate, 2010 (for the National Trust)
  • Annual Survey of Plants and Breeding Birds, 2003-2010 (for Qinetiq)
  • Parkstone Golf Course Management Plan 2010-2015
  • Potential Lake Restoration, Melplash Farm, 2009
  • Winterbourne Downs Scrub Management Plan, 2011-2021  


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