About WildSquare

WildSquare is your chance to find out what's happening to nature near you in different seasons. Join in the hunt for pretty plants, weird insects and animal footprints.

What is it?

It is different surveys throughout the year. That means you'll get to look for wild things and record what you find. We'll give you instructions on what to look for.

How long does it take?

Your WildSquare surveys only take 30 minutes to an hour.

Who does it?

You can do it with your family, school or youth group.


You can do WildSquare surveys wherever you like - in a garden, park, playground or out on a walk with your family. You can do your surveys in the same 1km square every time or you can do them in different places - wherever suits you.

When you've finished...

Tell us your results using this website and you'll see them on our map straight away.

Do you love a wild place near you?

If you often go to the same outdoor place, such as your garden, a park, or a nature reserve, you can do some or all of your surveys there. You can make this place your very own wild square. Just ask an adult to register you for WildSquare. When they do, they can find your outdoor place in a grid square on our map.

Latest survey: Bursting into spring

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Results map

The map shows everyone who's taken part so far. Click the square markers to find out what people saw. Your survey results will appear here, too!


We're asking: How many of these creatures did you see?

This chart shows the results so far for one of the survey questions.


Your comments

Below are some comments from people who've taken part in this survey. You can tell us your comments when you send us your results.

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