RSPB/Aldi Greenspace event, Young girl holding a ladybird with a RSPB volunteer.

Looking forward

People are at the heart of our charity. Our commitment to a world richer in nature can only happen if we grow and deepen our relationships with our members, supporters, partners and collaborators.

What comes next?

In an uncertain world we will focus on our highest priorities to ensure that the precious resources and support we are given by so many are used as effectively as possible – any other approach would simply short-change nature.

Brexit means change

Whether it’s the hard-won laws that protect our natural world, the future of farming in the hills and lowlands of Britain, or the state of our seas and the management of the UK’s fish stocks – Brexit will challenge the status quo.

Understanding the risks and making the most of opportunities will be at the heart of our approach, and we will work with others in our sector and beyond, through Greener UK and Wildlife and Countryside Link, to secure the best outcomes for birds, other wildlife and the natural world.

Opt-in for nature

Since we were founded in 1889 respect for our supporters has been core to our values.

Nearly 130 years on, we are all bombarded by more and more information and individually we want to be able to take control of how we receive communications.

Offering each of our members and supporters the option to opt-in to receive communications and carry on the conversation about how, together, we can save nature will be a significant undertaking during the coming months.

The achievements we report in next year’s annual review will, as they always do, depend on the support we receive and the generosity of so many. Opting-in for nature will ensure that we can continue to save nature.