Trusts and foundations

Help us build a better environment for people and nature through charitable trust giving.

Trusts and foundations

We rely on the generous and committed support of charitable trusts and foundations to fund many vital projects. These range from acquiring and restoring land well-managed for nature, protecting our seas, saving threatened species and empowering people of all ages to enjoy and take part in nature conservation.

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and the earth’s wildlife and natural resources are facing huge threats globally. But by combining together, we can turn grave situations around. Huge areas of land such as the Flow Country in Scotland are being restored, iconic species such as bitterns and red kites are thriving once again and more people across the regions and countries are engaging with their local environment. Globally, marine protection zones around the UK Overseas Territories now cover an area nearly the size of India and global species recovery work is underway through ground-breaking programmes such as the Albatross Task Force and Saving Asia’s Vultures.

We would like to thank all the trusts and foundations who help make a difference on a truly global scale. Here are just a few examples of our transformational trust partnerships:

The Gannochy Trust has a long history of supporting people and their communities in Perth. The Trust has been instrumental in helping thousands of local schoolchildren and families connect with nature by supporting the RSPB’s Growing Up with Quarrymill. This project provides hands-on nature experiences through outdoor learning visits for schools, fun family events and wider community engagement at the wonderful Quarrymill Woodland Park. The Trust has also supported the construction of an underpass at RSPB Scotland’s Loch Leven to provide people of all abilities total access to the reserve, trails and paths around the loch.

John Ellerman Foundation plays a critical role in the conservation sector as the only large funder of the UK Overseas Territories, with their globally important biodiversity on land and at sea. As well as supporting the restoration of Gough Island World Heritage Site in the Tristan da Cunha group, the Foundation’s funding enabled a comprehensive review of environmental policy across the Territories. This provided an important tool for enhancing sustainable fisheries in more than 3 million km2 of ocean in the South Atlantic.

The Rufford Foundation is highly regarded for its support of conservation across the developing world. The Foundation has been a long-term supporter of Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction (SAVE). In Asia, tens of millions of vultures have died due to the widespread veterinary use of the drug dicolofenac in cattle. With the Foundation’s support, the RSPB and SAVE alliance are establishing Vulture Safe Zones across the continent and reintroducing three Critically Endangered species back into the wild. Vultures in Asia are now firmly on the long road to recovery.

ScottishPower Foundation reinforces the commitment of ScottishPower to support charitable work throughout Britain and since its inception in 2013, has been working with the RSPB. The Foundation’s donations have enabled the development of the RSPB’s community Dolphinwatch project, improved facilities in Loch Lomond and increased habitat for the threatened capercaillie. Today just 1% of Scotland’s native Caledonian pinewoods remain, threatening species such as capercaillie and wildcat which rely on Scotland’s ancient forests for food and shelter. Funding from the ScottishPower Foundation allowed the development of an on-site tree nursery in Abernethy which will ensure this magnificent forest is able to expand to provide a wider home for some of the UK's rarest species.

If you are involved with a charitable trust or foundation and would like to discuss how you can support the natural world with us, please do get in touch with our team.

 RSPB Forsinard Flows; view from visitor trail, including snow-capped Ben Griam, Highland, Scotland. November 10, 2010.
Coast on a stormy day

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