An exclusive morning walk with RSPB Old Moor’s Site Manager

Danielle Meyer

Friday 6 September 2019

RSPB Old Moor nature reserve near Barnsley is inviting people to a morning walk around the reserve with Matthew Capper, the RSPB Dearne Valley Senior Site Manager exploring the heritage, creation, management and wildlife of the reserve.


On Saturday 21 September, Matthew will be taking a small exclusive group around Old Moor nature reserve. During the walk, Matthew will explore the heritage of the site, how it was created, the amazing wildlife that can be seen and the various management techniques that the Old Moor team use across the Valley to support that wildlife.


In the early 1980's, this part of the Dearne Valley was one of the most polluted areas in Western Europe and a picture of dereliction. Now, the focus is on bitterns, breeding waders and helping people to engage with nature.


It is fascinating story that illustrates how a once heavily polluted area can be regenerated with nature at its heart and of how local birdwatchers laid the foundations for the reserves we see today through their passion, hard work and at times, literally fighting for everything they achieved….


Danielle Meyer, Visitor Experience Manager at Old Moor, said: “This is a fantastic event to be a part of - with ten years working as Senior Site Manager of the Dearne Valley reserves, Matthew has a wealth of knowledge and experience about how the site is managed. He will be able to explain the importance of the work we do and point out some great wildlife at the same time. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested not just in nature, but history and heritage as well.”


Booking is essential and done in advance via search for ‘Old Moor’ or phone 01226 751593. Tickets are available at £20 per adult and £16 for RSPB members.


More information on this event and others at Old Moor can be found on Eventbrite and the Facebook page (RSPB Old Moor and Blacktoft Sands).

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