Bassenthwaite osprey chick gets clean bill of health

Annabel Rushton

Friday 12 July 2019

Osprey Pandion haliaetus, adult female on eyrie in morning light

Issued by the Lake District Osprey Project: A partnership between Forestry England, the RSPB and the Lake District National Park

The Lake District Osprey Project (LDOP) has had confirmation that a recent health check on the osprey chick at Bassenthwaite Lake has shown the youngster to be in excellent condition.

The chick, which is a female was checked recently and ringed by highly trained, licensed, experts.  It is one of a number of young ospreys to be ringed in Cumbria this season, as the population steadily grows. Due to historic persecution, ospreys were sadly extinct in Cumbria for over 150 years, until 2001 when the first pair returned to Bassenthwaite. Now they are bouncing back with eight pairs nesting in various locations around the county this year.

Cath Johnson, of the LDOP, said: “We’re delighted to have received confirmation that the chick is in good health. Ringing ospreys gives us important information about their movements and once they are old enough, where they breed and who they partner up with, so in the future we will hopefully know where she raises a family of her own.”

The data received from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) by the project shows the youngster was fitted with a blue ring on her right leg, numbered 400. Her left leg was fitted with a metal BTO ring. The BTO are the organisation who keep the records of and provide information on all ringed birds in this country.

All bird ringing procedures are carried out under rigorous government licence, by experts who have undergone years of training, and chicks are always returned to the nest immediately after ringing. It’s important to remember the disturbance of ospreys on the nest is an offence, and anyone responsible for disturbing the birds may be liable for prosecution, so the best place in the North Lakes to see the ospreys are the viewpoints at Dodd Wood.

A dedicated team of staff and volunteers can be found at the osprey viewpoints at Dodd Wood which are open every day from 10 am-5 pm until the end of August.

Osprey fans around the world can also get the latest news at, on Facebook, or by following on Twitter @lakelandosprey.

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The Lake District Osprey Project is a partnership between Forestry England, the RSPB and the Lake District National Park.

Last Updated: Tuesday 16 July 2019

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