Book cycle wheels in motion.

RSPB Northern England

Monday 10 September 2018

Book Cycle Picture

What’s all this about, you might ask?

RSPB Old Moor, the wonderful nature reserve near Barnsley have started a book cycle in their café and visitor centre, turning old books into cash instead of sending them off to the landfill. 

Well, nothing new there you might say, yet the money from this will go directly into helping give nature a home here in the Dearne Valley. All books are pre-owned with prices starting at a bargain rate of 50p going up to £2. 

Why not take a trip to Old Moor and grab a bargain whilst having cup of tea, coffee and perhaps a bit of cake in their café!

Alison Broadhead, the Retail Manager at Old Moor said: “It’s a wonderful initiative providing much needed funding for our reserve team to carry out the important work across all 7 of our local sites. It has only been going a week and already it is proving very popular with our visitors”. 

Donations of pre-owned books, particularly nature books are also welcome! 

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