First flights for young Bassenthwaite Osprey

Annabel Rushton

Thursday 1 August 2019

Osprey Pandion haliaetus, adult female landing at eyrie with moss

Issued by the Lake District Osprey Project - a partnership between Forestry England, the RSPB and the Lake District National Park

The chick of the popular Bassenthwaite osprey pair has taken her first flights from the nest and visitors are being encouraged to watch the action.

The female chick, known as Blue 400, is the single chick at Bassenthwaite this year and took her first tentative flight just eight weeks after she hatched. 

Barbara Thomson from the LDOP said: “She did a few wobbly circuits flying over her mum’s head. Then mum accompanied her back to the nest, flying over her to keep her in view. She had been practising wing flapping hard over the previous couple of weeks, strengthening her muscles but we had not seen her do much ‘helicoptering’ which the young birds usually do first, so it came as a welcome surprise when she took off so suddenly.”

At the end of the summer, it is expected the youngster will migrate to Africa, where ospreys spend the winter months.

Barbara added: “Now is the perfect time for visitors to come and see the young osprey taking to the air. She is learning to use her powerful wings and will be making lots of short flights around the area to build up her strength, ready to make her first incredible migration in just a few weeks time.”

A dedicated team of staff and volunteers can be found at the osprey viewpoints at Dodd Wood which are open every day from 10 am-5 pm until the end of August.

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The Lake District Osprey Project is a partnership between Forestry England, the RSPB and the Lake District National Park.

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