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Tuesday 12 December 2017

The recent drop in temperatures and subsequent wintry weather, has wildlife facing a few challenges, and at RSPB Leighton Moss, the staff and volunteers are inviting visitors to come and find out more about helping wildlife this winter.

After benefitting from a mild autumn, birds in particular struggle as cold snaps kick in and natural food sources start to dwindle. At Leighton Moss, staff and volunteers are keeping the wide variety of feeders well stocked to ensure that the birds can find food in even the harshest conditions. Similarly they are encouraging the public to help too by turning their own gardens into a haven for birds - topping up feeders, filling up bird baths and providing shelter for our feathered friends during the frosty weather. 

The RSPB shop at Leighton Moss offers a wide selection of bird food along with feeders, bird baths, nest boxes and other garden wildlife care products. Visitors to the centre there will find lots of information about how they can help wildlife this winter and the friendly staff and volunteers are on hand to give advice.

Vicki Hickman, Retail Manager at Leighton Moss said: “We’re keen to support people with the best ideas for helping wildlife in winter. Feeding birds is really important at all times of year, but particularly during the harsh winter months. 

“Our range of bird food supports our conservation work, with the majority of our seeds being Conservation Grade, grown on Fair to Nature farms. This means that farmers who produce Fair to Nature crops actively manage a minimum of 10% of their farmable area in a way that benefits wildlife. Where you see the Fair To Nature logo next to our bird seed you can be sure that the farms that grow this seed meet the rigorous conservation standards which allow wildlife to flourish. So by buying RSPB bird seed you’ll be helping struggling farmland wildlife in the UK and Europe, as well as the birds in your garden this winter.” 

Out on Leighton Moss itself, as the pools freeze over, some of the reserve’s more elusive residents can become easier to spot. Otters often come out skating on the ice while secretive bitterns and water rails emerge from the reeds on the pool edges in search of food.

Families visiting Leighton Moss in December can find out more about how nature responds to the changes in the season by following the fascinating ‘Winter Wonderland’ family trail, available every day. Drop-in between 9.30am-3.30pm. It’s free to take part, normal admission charges apply to non-members. 

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Last Updated: Tuesday 28 August 2018

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