Meet the fulmars this summer in St Andrews

Lauren Shannon

Tuesday 5 July 2016

This summer holidays, RSPB Scotland is inviting people to join them to watch the seabird star of St Andrews, the fulmar, with events taking place every Friday from 8 July to 12 August.

Fulmars are related to albatrosses and can often be seen gliding high up the cliff face. They mate for life and will return to the same nest site each year to raise a single chick.

Lauren Shannon, Community Engagement Officer for RSPB Scotland said: "Fulmars spend most of their life out at sea, only returning to the Scottish coastline to breed. Many people may not realise that these fantastic seabirds are right on their doorstep and that you can get great close up views of the birds and their chicks."

"Sadly, fulmars are very vulnerable to plastic marine litter and a recent study found that 95% of dead fulmars had plastic in their stomachs. It's important to raise awareness about this issue and enjoy having such incredible birds in St Andrews."

At this time of year, the coastal path is a great place to spot other seabirds including gannets diving for fish out at sea. Seals are also seen regularly.

Fulmar Fridays will take place on the coastal path outside St Andrews Cathedral every Friday from 8 July until 12 August. People can drop by between 11 am and 4 pm to watch the fulmars using telescopes and learn more about these fascinating seabirds.

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