Nature-friendly farming on show at Hope Farm this June

Rupert Masefield

Thursday 31 May 2018

Guests enjoy open farm sunday at hope farm

RSPB Hope Farm will welcome visitors for Open Farm Sunday 2018 on 10 June, while Farm Conservation Advisors around the region support Open Farm Sunday events at nature-friendly farms.

  • RSPB wildlife-friendly demonstration farm Hope Farm to open its gates for LEAF Open Farm Sunday on 10 June.

  • Nature-friendly farming at work: visitors will see first-hand how farmers can help wildlife while growing food .

  • Around the region, RSPB Conservation Advisors will be attending & supporting Open Farm Sunday events on nature-friendly farms in Eastern England.

10 June will see the return of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Open Farm Sunday, the farming industry’s annual open day, when farmers open their gates and invite people to discover the world of farming.

This year, the RSPB will again welcome people to its wildlife-friendly demonstration farm: Hope Farm in Knapwell, Cambridgeshire. 

Visitors will be able to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of the farm and the wildlife that lives there, learning about the RSPB’s nature-friendly farming operation along the way and seeing how farming can help wildlife at the same time as producing profitable food crops.

Georgina Bray, Assistant Farm Manager at RSPB Hope Farm, said: “A lot of people, especially in the younger generation growing up in towns or cities, might rarely if ever have visited a farm or appreciate where food comes from or how its production impacts on wildlife. Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity for people to visit Hope Farm and see first-hand what we’re doing and how nature-friendly farming can help wildlife at the same time as growing the food we all eat – and of course to enjoy a day out on the farm!”

RSPB Hope Farm Open Farm Sunday event details

When: Sunday 10th June, 10am – 4pm

Where: Hope Farm, High Street, Knapwell, Cambridge

Admission cost: FREE

For more information call 01954 267438, or e-mail 

Visitors to RSPB Hope Farm on LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018 will be able to enjoy a packed day of activities including guided tractor and trailer farm wildlife tours, rare breed sheep, wool spinning, and farmland bird ringing demonstrations. 

For the kids, there will be arts and crafts activities, nature treasure hunts with prizes, farm animals to meet, and farm machinery on show. 

Rounded off with catering by award-winning local burger gurus Steak & Honour, plus the chance to buy some wildlife-friendly farm produce, it has all the ingredients of a great day out on the farm.

Food, farming and wildlife

Three quarters of the land area of the UK is used to produce food, so how we manage the land where our food is grown matters for the environment, nature and the wildlife that lives in our countryside.

Unfortunately, specialist farmland birds and wildlife continue to decline in the UK, and many iconic birds of the British countryside, including turtle doves, corn buntings, yellow wagtails and skylarks, are still in real trouble.

Changing the way we farm, so that the food we eat is helping not hurting wildlife, must be part of the solution.

The RSPB works with farmers around the UK to help make sure that where farmland birds and wildlife are declining, we find out why and together find solutions to help turn things around.

Hope Farm and wildlife-friendly farming

Hope Farm is a 450 acre arable farm (growing mostly cereals like wheat) in Cambridgeshire. The RSPB has managed Hope Farm for 16 years, developing new farming techniques which help both farmers and wildlife.

Since the RSPB started farming at Hope Farm, birds and other wildlife have really benefited:

  • Skylark territories increased from 10 to 39 between 2010 and 2017.
  • In 2000-01 there was a peak count of 11 yellowhammers on the farm. In 2017 this reached 217!
  • Numbers of butterflies increased by 213% from 2000 to 2017.

Against a background of declines in the UK’s farmland birds and other wildlife, Hope Farm has shown that it is possible to reverse the loss of wildlife from the countryside while still meeting the nation’s food needs. 

The RSPB at LEAF Open Farm Sunday in Eastern England

RSPB Farm Conservation Advisors will be attending and supporting Open Farm Sunday events at nature-friendly farms around the East of England this Sunday 10 June.

Come and find us at the following farms:

For details of these and other LEAF Open Farm Sunday events visit

Find out more about LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) at

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