Nature springs to life at RSPB Conwy

Eleri Wynne

Tuesday 8 March 2016

The popular nature reserve invites visitors to enjoy an interactive experience to celebrate its natural heritage and get closer to nature

This spring, thanks to the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), RSPB Conwy is looking to expand its team of wildlife volunteers to bring its natural heritage to life.

The wetland reserve, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, has been awarded £33,600 from the HLF. It is set to recruit 20 volunteers who will provide live wildlife interpretation and nature based storytelling to visitors. The reserve will also use new interactive equipment, such as sound points and telescopes, to encourage families to venture further into the wetlands where they can truly appreciate the abundant nature.

Julian Hughes, RSPB Conwy Site Manager, explains: "Currently only half of our visitors choose to walk the nature trails at RSPB Conwy and many are missing out on the enjoyable and memorable experiences on offer. We are delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund has provided us with the opportunity to celebrate our natural heritage and invest in a truly interactive visitor experience.

"We're keen for adults and children to explore the heart of the reserve so they can enjoy nature first hand. We would like them to feel inspired by what they've experienced and hopefully help motivate them to take small and simple steps to protect our natural heritage for years to come."

The funding will also provide better protection for waterbirds roosting and nesting on the reserve lagoons, providing a focal point for volunteers to share stories and in turn enhance visits to RSPB Conwy.

Julian added: "I'm very excited to see what opportunities this initiative will bring and to work with some new volunteers that will help us make this vision a reality. So if you're passionate about wildlife and would like to be a part of our fantastic team of volunteers then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you."

Situated just off the A55 RSPB Conwy is home to numerous species, from water rails and warblers to moths and dragonflies, and as dusk descends visitors can often experience beautiful starling murmurations as the birds move in unison. The reserve is an important landmark for the local community, offering fantastic views of Snowdonia and Conwy Castle and listed by Tripadvisor as one of the top 20 things to do in Conwy County (note 3).

Richard Bellamy, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund in Wales, said: "We support a wide range of heritage projects and are keen to support applications from groups who want to preserve and provide enhanced access to the rich natural environment of Wales. Thanks to National Lottery players, this project will give more people the opportunity to learn about the important wildlife that can be found on the River Conwy."

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