Peregrine young take to the skies

RSPB Northern England

Wednesday 20 June 2018

One of the two six week old peregrines at Malham flies above the Cove

Two young peregrine falcons at Malham Cove have made their first flights – providing a spectacle for onlookers at a free public viewpoint at the base of the Cove

The six-week-old birds – already the same size as their parents – took to the skies last week, after spending a number of days building up strength in their flight muscles by wing-flapping on the edge of their nest ledge.

The young will be dependent on the adults for food for quite some time and so will spend the next few weeks staying close to the nest site, practicing their flying skills in and around the Cove.  

The free public viewpoint is open from 10:30 to 16:30 five days a week, from Thursday to Monday (closed Tues and Wed) until 30 July.  RSPB and YDNPA staff or volunteers are on hand to show people the birds through telescopes. 

Anthony Hills from the RSPB said “We’re excited to see the two peregrine chicks taking to the skies. Visitors to the Cove are being treated to great views of the youngsters as they learn how to swoop, dive, perch and hunt with their parents.  These famously fast falcons provide daily drama, so why not bring your family along to the viewpoint where the staff and volunteers will be only too pleased to point out the birds and give you the latest news.”

YDNPA Wildlife Officer, Ian Court, added:  “It is fantastic news that once again the Malham peregrines have successfully fledged young.   In the coming weeks visitors to the viewpoint should get some spectacular views as the young often fly right overhead.”

People are asked to adhere to the seasonal access restrictions that are in place at the Cove to help prevent any unintentional disturbance to the peregrines.  These will be in place until the young birds have left the area.   

The viewpoint is part of the Malham Peregrine Project, a partnership between the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) and the RSPB now in its 16th year. The latest information can be found at:

Last Updated: Tuesday 28 August 2018

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