RSPB publicly backs Jack & Dani to win ITV2’s Love Island

Gemma Hogg

Thursday 26 July 2018

Swifts flying over rooftops

The RSPB has today confirmed it is backing Love Island favourites, Jack and Dani - AKA Jani - to win the ITV2 show next Monday night, because of Jack’s love of nature.

Viewers have watched Jack enthuse about birds over the past seven weeks, most recently declaring “I love nature” after watching swifts swooping down to catch flies near the pool.  [Clip can be seen here].

The charity has said it will temporarily rename its ‘Island Mere’ hide at popular nature reserve RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk, to ‘Love Island Mere Hideaway’ as a tribute to the love birds if they win the show next week. [Picture attached]

Jeff Knott, RSPB Regional Director and resident Love Island Expert, said: “Jani have the full, loyal support of the RSPB – we’ve put all our eggs in one basket and we’re willing them to win. It’s been great to watch Jack and Dani find love so swiftly, but even better to see Jack get excited by the wildlife around the villa, enthusing Dani and the other contestants about how brilliant nature is. We know Love Island has taken the nation by storm and we hope Jack’s passion has inspired more people to love the wonderful wildlife all around us. 

“We’d be buzzin’ to host them on a visit to one of our reserves around the UK – we have more than 200. Whilst Jack and Dani might not yet be fully-fledged members of the ‘DBS’, we’d love to join them up as members of the RSPB. Unfortunately we don’t have any rainbow fish, but we do have some chirpsing birds, and some dramastic, vibey scenery.  

“In fact, Jack’s done such a good job at inspiring others, there could be a job in it for him!”


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