RSPB Scotland comments on ASC climate change progress report

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Today, the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published a new statutory report, 'Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme - an independent assessment', recommending that Scotland should state more clearly what its policies for adapting to climate change are and monitor their implementation.

Jim Densham, Senior Land Use Policy Officer for RSPB Scotland said: "A wide range of species and habitats in Scotland are already under threat and climate change is adding to existing pressures. The recent State Of Nature report showed that much of our special and well-loved wildlife is declining in Scotland and climate change is a major threat. Species such as the kittiwake and capercaillie are suffering now from the effects of Scotland's changing climate. Saltmarsh and other tidal habitats are being lost because of rising sea levels.

"The ASC report shows that not enough progress is being made to make our fragile natural environment more resilient to climate change. It's time to ensure our basic natural resources, such as soils, fisheries, water supply, floodwater storage, coastal defence and wildlife habitats are protected, healthy and prepared to continue providing what society and nature needs for the future. Action to make this happen will take time to show progress, so policy change is needed urgently.

"Scotland's high level climate resilience policies are not yet filtering down and leading to farmers and land managers consistently making climate-proof decisions. Climate-smart thinking and actions must become the norm if wildlife is to survive and people are to be helped, not harmed, by the natural environment. Government's next Climate Change Adaptation Programme must set new ambitious climate resilience policies which drive change and lead to genuine actions and change in mindsets. Simple tweaks to existing policies will no longer be sufficient."


  1. The UK version of the State of Nature Report is available here.
  2. Scotland's version of the State of Nature Report is available here.
  3. Find the the Scottish Government SCCAP which the ASC have assessed here.
  4. Find the Scottish Environment LINK response to the SCCAP here.

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