Take a fungal foray with the RSPB this autumn - Dee Estuary

Wednesday 9 November 2016

With National Tree Week just around the corner, the team at RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands nature reserve is encouraging visitors to take a closer look in the woods there, to discover the varied fungi which make their home on the trees and woodland floor.

Burton Mere Wetlands is best known for its significant wetland and the wildlife it supports, but there is an impressive area of ancient woodland on the nature reserve too. The RSPB team manage the wood for a variety of natural wonders. In the spring it boasts a superb bluebell carpet and a chorus of birdsong, and at this time of year it is home to a whole host of different fungi.

Dan Trotman, Visitor Experience Manager for the RSPB Dee Estuary nature reserve, said: "Trees play a huge role in maintaining the health and stability of our surroundings, by cleaning air and retaining water to reduce flooding, but their importance for nature to thrive is just as great. Trees support a whole range of wildlife, from insects to birds and certain mammals, especially bats. Perhaps one of the least recognised are fungi, some of which rely on a special mutually beneficial relationship with trees to survive. We want visitors to come along and find out just how magical our woodland is by discovering more about the fabulous fungi that calls it home."

The 'Trees and Fungi' guided walk takes place on Sunday 27 November from 10 am-12 pm and costs £6.50 per person (£5 for RSPB members), children half price. A reasonable level of fitness is required and booking is essential by phoning 0151 353 8478 or emailing deeestuary@rspb.org.uk.

Dan added: "Fungi are fascinating - they're neither a true plant nor an animal, but share traits of both and so have their own scientific classification. The event's knowledgeable guide will help visitors find different fungi growing in the woodland and reveal the intricate relationship some of them share with trees. You'll never walk through woodland in the same way again once you know more about the weird and wonderful life of fungi!"

For more information on wildlife spectacles and events at Burton Mere Wetlands, visit rspb.org.uk/deeestuary

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