You’d have to be quackers to nest there!

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Eagle eyed Glasgow commuters have spotted a mallard duck nesting in a window box hanging off the side of one of the Clyde's busy bridges.

The duck has been determinedly sitting on her eggs, seemingly oblivious to the hundreds of people passing nearby every day.

RSPB Scotland's Dr Paul Walton, said: "Mallard ducks are well known for nesting in window boxes, we quite often receive calls from people with similar nests outside their flats, concerned over how the ducklings are going to get down when they're ready to leave.

"The ducklings are so small and light that they can jump from a surprising height without coming to harm. The mother leads them to water when they're only about a day old, so this mother duck on the Clyde has actually been quite smart, as her ducklings won't have too far to go!"

Despite Glasgow's size and built-up environment, the city is a still a great place to spot wildlife, with animals such as water voles, peregrines and swifts all regularly recorded. It's easy to create more homes for nature, by putting up nest boxes, planting nectar rich flowers, and leaving areas wild to attract insects.

Alisdair Woodburn, who took the photographs of the duck, said: "I walk to work most days along the Clyde, and I love watching and photographing the increasing number and range of wild birds so close to the city centre. You never know what you're going to see."

If you're lucky enough to spot a nesting duck this spring, remember not to get too close in case you scare away the mother, or cause her distress. All birds and their nests in Scotland are protected by law.

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