A Waxwing perched on an Autumn branch against a black background

Birds feeding in autumn

It's not you, it's them. Find out why the birds in your garden aren't feasting on the tasty treats you've left out for them.

An full bird feeder hanging from a branch in Autumn

Why aren't the birds eating the food I've left out?

Autumn is a time of abundance, nature is providing a full gourmet buffet, so many birds are tucking into the tasty treats nature has provided. As the clocks go back and the first frosts appear, the sofa becomes more and more tempting - but outside our windows, nature is making the most of the time of plenty with berries, seeds, and nuts in good stock. In early autumn there is a full harvest festival of fallen fruits, berries, and seeds to tuck into. But when the last feast is over and the countryside is stripped of supplies, wildlife will still need us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so don't be discouraged.

What are they eating?

Nature provides a full harvest festival of flavours during Autumn. From beautiful berries to wriggling worms there's plenty to keep birds well fed this time of year.

To maximise your chances of your old friends picking up where they left off, leave a small amount of seed in your feeders. This will help remind birds of where to look in leaner times as they pass through your garden or balcony.

A variety of garden birds perched on a feeder filled with seed

What can we do?

There are plenty of things you can do to prepare for their return, whatever your outdoor space. For example, leaving seedheads on plants will provide a crucial food source when pickings are slim later in the year while standing stems can hold a myriad of insects, larvae, and eggs. Find out more about how to care for wildlife over autumn and winter below.

It is also really important to maintain high levels of feeder hygiene, making sure feeders are cleaned regularly and any uneaten old food is removed.

red and gold sycamore leaves hanging from a branch and backlit by the sun

How you can help

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