Thank you for reporting a bird crime

What next?

RSPB Investigations will look into your report. 

If you have any photos to accompany your report, you can send them to us by emailing Please include enough detail in your email so we can match it to your original report.

Note that we read every report we receive, but as a small team, we have to prioritise crimes involving species/issues of conservation concern. Due to the high levels of correspondence we receive, if your matter has been covered by our online guidance and we have nothing further to advise or it doesn’t relate to our priorities, you may not receive a further reply. Please refer to our ‘How to report crimes’ page for further details.

Please note

that we will have limited access to emails outside office hours, during bank holidays and over Christmas and New Year. If you have an important query that relates to our priorities and needs passing on to an Investigations officer urgently during these periods, please call 07885 255830 or 07803 241452. 

Alternatively, please contact your local police force by dialling 101 and ask that your report be passed to a Wildlife Crime Officer.  

All calls to the RSPB Investigations team are not recorded and will be handled in confidence. Thank you.


We're really grateful for your help and information. Together, we're making a safer world for birds and wildlife.

Wildlife crime. Egg collection, siezed from a collector in Grimsby, Lincolnshire in 2006. 7,700 eggs in total.