Mallard stretching its wings, Glasgow

Attracting and deterring ducks

Most people welcome ducks nesting in their garden, but not everyone. Find tips on attracting and deterring ducks here

Encouraging mallards

You can encourage mallards with nesting baskets or boxes. The female should be able to find food for herself while she incubates, but you could put out a bowl of drinking water, together with duck pellets and cooked potatoes for her to eat. Put these in an accessible area some distance from the nest.

A wild Mallard, adult male (drake) feeding in straw, on a Devon farm

Dettering mallards

If you don't want ducks to nest, shoo them from the garden whenever they appear. If you have a pond that attracts them, try covering it. It must be remembered, though, that ducks are very secretive and she is often incubating there before anyone is aware of her presence.

Incubating ducks must be left alone.

Female mallard wading