Migrant hawker dragonfly

  • Scientific name: Aeshna mixta
  • Type: Insects

Key information

The migrant hawker is a small hawker dragonfly that spends long periods patrolling a sheltered hunting territory in the air, often in small parties.

If you are lucky, you may see one perched on a bush or fence when you can admire its subtle colours and markings.

Groups of migrant hawkers gather over gardens to feed on flying insects, so remember to look up above your garden, as well as in it, during late summer and autumn.

This is a common dragonfly that is increasing its range. The stronghold is in southern England, but it has spread well into northern England and has recently appeared in Ireland. Continental migrants may boost the population in late summer.

Like the common darter, the migrant hawker is on the wing late on the year.

What they eat:

Migrant hawker larvae eat almost anything they can find, while adult migrant hawker dragonfly eat insects caught on the wing.



Identifying features:

Natural habitats: Hedge Pond Woodland area

Where and when to see them

This is a regular visitor to gardens. Any large dragonflies seen in late summer and autumn are likely to be this species.

The first adults emerge in the second half of July and can be found into November. Peak numbers occur in August and September.

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