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How to upload photos and videos

  • A thread to show how to upload photos and videos...

    To get your photos to appear in your threads you need to go to your settings page via the link at the top of the page

    then under the advanced option tab make sure your content editor is set to enhanced

    Your photos need to be under 4MB in size though around 1.5MB will ensure they load up faster (you can resize photos in software like windows photo gallery if you are using a PC)

    To start a new thread find a forum of your choice (there are many), you can find TJ's forum map here 

    You then want the New Thread button

    To upload a photo into a new thread you should see the full editor and you want the 9th icon from the left 

    On starting a new thread decide a heading for the smaller box, then if you want to put text in your thread,that goes in the big box, when you want to insert a photo press enter and that will put the cursor on a new line.

    You then want the 9th icon, that will bring a new box up, if you click the browse button that will open a folder on your PC(you want the one where your photos are stored)

    when uploading a photo you should see a green progress bar

    once it's uploaded you should see it in the large box

    click insert and you should see it in the editor

    then click post and you should see it in your thread

    to post more than one photo at a time all you need to do is click enter on your keyboard to put the cursor on a new line and repeat the process with either more text or just a photo.

    In an existing thread

    To add photo to an existing thread (your own or one that someone else has started) you need the use rich formatting link under any reply box

    And now how to post videos onto a thread

    You first need to upload your video on Youtube, then there are two methods of copying your youtube address

    1 you can highlight the address in the main bar and copy that


    2 right click on the video and select the copy video URL option

    then back here you need the youtube/web url option

    simply paste your Youtube address in the URL box then click insert

    Can't think of anything else but anyone spot any mistakes or have missed something let me know

  • Think this is very good ideal, alan but from my own experience, think it would be good if you could add to this with more diagrams of the green box  then how to add photos and later do one on you tube ect yas

  • Thats really good alan, will really help the new people good on you yas

  • Thanks so much will give it a try.

  • Alan, you have done a great job doing a step by step explanation. Thank you. Being too hasty I didn't read to the bottom and missed the bit about pressing enter to put on more than one photo!