Langford Lowfields

Langford Lowfields

Langford Lowfields
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Langford Lowfields

  • Winter Wonderland Walk (3rd December) and other news

    The annual Winter Wonderland Walk at Langford is going to be happening on 3rd December. I'll be leading the walk and we'll be exploring parts of the reserve not currently open to the public, looking for exciting winter wildlife on the way. Members - £8 adults, £4 children, Non-Members - £10 adults, £5 children. The walk will be starting at 13:30 in the Langford Lowfields car park. Booking is essential 01636 893611 or

    There is never any guarantee as to what will be seen on the walks, but today was an amazing day for wildlife at Langford and even the fact I managed to fill both my wellies with freezing reedbed water didn't dampen the excitement of my wintery water-level-and-restoration-area-checking wander round the reserve... Bearded tits, green sandpiper, kingfisher, wigeon, redshank, bittern, water rail, marsh harrier, roe deer, barn owl and at least 20000 starlings in various groups doing a bit of sky dancing before going down to roost. Isn't Langford brilliant.

    The incredible photo below, of a Langford bearded tit was taken by Lionel Reyes


  • Change to car park opening times

    Unfortunately following a theft last night the automatic gate that controls entry to the reserve car park is out of action at the moment. The gate will be opened manually by staff members and volunteers, but this means we can only guarantee daily reserve opening times of 9am-5pm. As before though, the exit to the car park is usable at any time of day. The theft involved a large solar panel being taken, it has RSPB painted on it and also cut into the glass in large letters. We will be thinking through how to deal with the situation (its the second time its happened) and so in the meantime please accept our apologies for any disruption caused to your planned visiting time.

    One of the many swans currently at Langford looking angry after hearing about the theft of the solar panel ©Stuart Carlton

  • Crane spotted at Langford...

    ... sadly not the feathered kind, but impressive none the less.


    The crane's dominating the skyline at the north end of the reserve whilst it removes the metal piling from around the new outfall sluice. As the project nears completion, the flap valve (which is 2m high) has now also been attached to the River Trent end of the pipe, this is a one way, non-return valve, which will allow water to flow out of the reserve but not in from the Trent, it does however contain two eel flaps, which are closed in the photo, but will be open whilst the River is low, to allow eels and potentially other fish onto the reserve. These eel flaps will close as river levels rise and the orange floats pull the flaps shut. When the flaps are open eels will be able to sense the 'sweet' water flowing from the reserve into the Trent, which will attract them to swim up through the sluice into the Langford Lowfields reedbeds.