Welcome to my first blog about the exciting new visitor centre at Sherwood Forest. My name is Ross Frazer and I am the Project Manager on this RSPB-led project.

We plan to open the new visitor centre and take over the management of the forest in spring 2018, creating a fantastic new chapter in the 1,000 plus year history of this amazing site.

Since signing contracts with Nottinghamshire County Council in November 2015, we have been working hard alongside our partners and design team to create the plans for the new visitor centre and the surrounding infrastructure. We submitted our planning application to Newark and Sherwood District Council in late September, and await a decision in December.

Sherwood Forest is an inspiring, and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful place. We feel so privileged to have been given this opportunity to be part of Sherwood’s iconic history, and to use our knowledge and expertise to help preserve and protect the forest for future generations.

We wanted to create a building that complimented not just the natural landscape, but also the heritage of the site; a place where people could come together to learn more about Robin Hood’s home, connect with nature, and make lots of new memories.

Below are the artist impressions of the proposed new centre; I hope you agree that it is a fitting building for such a legendary place as Sherwood.

Artist's impression of new visitor centre. (JDDK Architects and Form Visualisation)

Artist's impression of new visitor centre. (JDDK Architects and Form Visualisation)

I look forward to sharing updates with you as and when we reach new milestones in the project.