Videos anyone?


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Videos anyone?

  • Lovely Bob S the wren even serenading us halfway through.  I can just imagine the conversation when that rabbit decided to go home!!

  • Two very different videos both taken in Berlin city center (!) So glad more and more migrating birds return- I think this is the  very same pair of Black Redstarts,  that occupied this patch of the park last year.

    The other one is from a solitaire Cormorant perched on a mallard's stable, on a pond  were  three months ago hundreds of  people were ice-scating or playing ice- hockey    :)

  • GSW

  • Some more great videos.   Fabulous to see the Black Redstart with it's mate Martin and the glossy Cormorant too.  

    Your Woodpecker Bob was very busy, was that in your garden?

  • gaynorsl

    Your Woodpecker Bob was very busy, was that in your garden?

    No Gaynor, in the garden they go straight for the feeders, no messing about with hard work :).

  • I looked after this male Blackbird giving him food that he could eat, he got better each month and I saw him the year after so I helped him and hope that some of the Blackbirds that call round now could be some of his kin :)


  • Well done giving this blackbird some help Jim, it never ceases to amaze me how resilient birds can be when suffering from these problems and sometimes with human help can overcome the difficulties.   Good to hear he is back and agree would be nice to think he had offspring around your garden area.

  • Leighton Moss Robin with Hazel & Mike


  • Well done Jim for helping the with the deformed or injured beak, they need all the help they can get when they are unlucky to suffer like that.   Hopefully as you said the

    offspring now return to your garden which will be lovely to see.  

    The little robin feeding from your hand doesn't surprise me these days, I think they have got us sussed with their cute actions and faces.

    No more carrots Alan?  gone over to the suet nibbles now then to build itself up for the season maybe.

  • I don't know how long this would have gone on for if we hadn't been disturbed by a dog at the end lol

  • Brilliant video clips Alan,  I see your order for carrots has increased  lol     what a wonderful little Vole

  • Lovely to hear the Wren's song and that little Vole takes the biscuit (or carrot)   btw they sell sacks of carrots in the Farmers Supplies near here, do you want me to send you down a ton or two:-)

  • Excellent video. I'm not sure what was faster: the way it was getting through that carrot or the speed it disappeared at the end!