Videos anyone?


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
All creatures....

Videos anyone?

  • So  happy  to first time  capture  Goldfinches on my  Balcony  (more than a record shot. . .) Will show you more via YouTube  ,soon. 


  • Well done Mart

  • Juvenile squirrels today, testing out the water so to speak. I counted 3 at least in the hole.

  • Well found Bob love the soundtrack too.

  • Interesting to see the difference, they really are just tiny versions of the adults. This was one of the juveniles and another adult in a tree nearby. Because they wouldn't leave the hole apart from a couple of yards up or down I presume they haven't been out long.

  • Lovely video Bob S I had wondered what young squirrels were like and how big they were when emerging from nesthole.  Interesting.

  • First time I've seen it... I'd say body-wise maybe a little over half the size of the adults... not the clearest pic but there were at least three in there :)

  • Great footage Bob, they must be around 12+ weeks old as they look independent now and hope they aren't in your garden or they'll be raiding the feeders lol   You'll be in for more fun October time when the next batch are ready to leave the drey lol

  • , my best wishes and greetings --here  the  promised Goldies from my  balcony 

  • Brilliant Mart, I see that seed head in the second video is just opening, when they spot that they will spend ages stripping it.

  • Lovely to see the Goldies having a good long feed.   They are pushed off the feeders here by the Sparrows so just have a short time to grab a few hearts.  Great view through your window to a safe haven for them.

  • Grey Wagtail down the canal

  • Nice Alan, lovely colourings... one bird I've photographed a lot but never got in focus, not sure if it's the water..... let's blame the water.

  • Great stuff, Alan. For a moment I thought you'd been filming at Hazy's pond. LOL

  • Following on from Martins video, shakey and no way as clear though. A goldfinch shot through the window doing some gardening for me.... sadly stopped after one.