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Camping tips from Rohan's outdoor experts

Whether you're going to sleep in your garden or in the wild at one of our organised events, you'll need these tips from our outdoor expert friends at Rohan.

Get ready

Practice makes perfect

Before your first camping trip, make sure you know how to pitch your tent. All tents are a bit different, so read the instructions carefully and practice pitching your tent in a back garden or a local park. Remember, it might be dark, windy and raining when you have to put your tent up for real.

Find the right spot

Take a bit of time to find just the right spot to pitch your tent. Look for flat, level ground away from any obvious hazards – such as overhanging trees. Try to choose somewhere with ground that’s soft enough for your pegs – but not too wet. And remember to clear away any sharp rocks or pine cones that might damage the groundsheet of your tent.

The secret to keeping warm

Choosing a nice warm sleeping bag makes a big difference – but remember, when you’re lying down, the weight of your body will squash the sleeping bag flat underneath you. That means it won’t provide much insulation from the cold ground.

Make sure you bring a camping mat – the best choice for starting out is a "closed cell foam" mat. They are much less expensive than self-inflating mats – and can’t be punctured either!

No wet shoes or clothes inside the tent!

It’s really important not to let water get into your tent by mistake, because once it’s inside, there’s nowhere for it to go – it’ll just soak into your sleeping bag and dry clothes.

So, take off your wet shoes (and clothes) before you get inside and leave them in the porch of the tent. If your tent doesn’t have a porch, leave them in a plastic bag outside the tent.

Remember to keep your tent ventilated

All good-quality tents will have a fully-waterproof outer or flysheet. It’s an amazing fact – but the average person will breathe out about 1 litre of water vapour in a night!

This water vapour condenses (changes back to liquid water) when it touches the outer of your tent and then drips down onto your sleeping bag.

The best way to avoid this is to keep the tent ventilated. So, unless it’s actually raining, leave the doors of your tent unzipped about half way – this will allow air to circulate and keep condensation to a minimum. 

Big wild sleepout

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