Twirlywoos activities

Are you taking part in Big Wild Sleepout with little ones? We've got just what you need!

Connecting with nature

The Twirlywoos have teamed up with the RSPB to help connect young kids to nature through this year’s Sleepout. This builds on a partnership that already helped raise awareness of people’s disconnection with nature. We hope you enjoy these activities with your young campers.

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Big red jelly boats

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Twirlywoos bowling

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Finger puppets

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Very Important Lady fruit kebabs

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Twirlywoos masks

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Sleepy Time story

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Get ready for Big Wild Sleepout

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The Twirlywoos go camping

The Twirlywoos get up to mischief on a camping trip...

The Twirlywoos are going camping. Great BigHoo ties a piece of cord around a metal chair leg. 

Voiceover: Joining.

A man who is also camping sits down in the chair. He gets out a map from his rucksack and studies it.

Great BigHoo peeks out from behind the rucksack. Toodloo has found a metal cooking pan. Great BigHoo ties one of the rucksack straps to the handle of the pan.

Voiceover: Joining up.

Chickedy and Chick tie the laces of some walking shoes onto the rucksack.

Voiceover: Joining up.

The man, who is still looking at his map, licks his finger and tests the wind direction. He hasn’t spotted the Twirlywoos.

Toodloo ties a rucksack strap around the tassles on a rug.

Voiceover: Joining up.

Chickedy and Chick tie some more tassles from the rug to the strap of a holdall.

Voiceover: Joining up.

The man is still looking around and studying his map.

Great BigHoo and Toodloo pull out one of the tent pegs and Chickedy and Chick tie the guy rope to the holdall.

Voiceover: Joining up. 

The Twirlywoos are happy and skip out of sight.

The man is ready to leave on a hike. He folds up his map, stands up, picks up his rucksack and fastens the straps.

Voiceover: Joining up.

The man marches off, but the Twirlywoos have tied all his camping equipment together. As he walks away, the chair, bag, rug, pan, shoes and tent all follow behind him.

Voiceover: Oh dear!

The Twirlywoos realise what they have done and vanish into the air.

The man is still dragging all his camping gear behind him but the tent gets snagged on a tree and he falls backwards onto his bottom. He looks round and sees everything has been tied together.

Voiceover: All joined up.

The man laughs.

Twirlywoos camping