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Artwork depicting the sun and the moon on either side, with a sky gradient between, full of animals in flight, including a bumblebee, an owl and a bat

Big Wild Summer

From the crack of dawn to that last exhausted yawn. Discover and explore the wild at an RSPB nature reserve this summer.

A group of children running through woodland, wearing wellington boots and smiling

Be a bit more wild this summer

Bring your family to one of our nature reserves with a Big Wild Summer trail and let your adventure begin.


Detective Hoot and Constable Crumbs need your help to solve a mystery in our Big Wild Summer activity pack (just £3.50). Can you help them discover some of our night-time wildlife and attract some of your own when you get home?


You can creep along like a mouse with your mouse mask, discover which creatures are hiding in the dark on your spinner and make moon cookies for a midnight feast. You'll get a certificate too for taking part in Big Wild Summer.


Look out for special Big Wild Summer events on some of our nature reserves, from discovering amazing moths and minibeasts to sleeping outside. You can even pick up a Big Wild Summer picnic at some of our reserves.

3 children

Find an adventure near you

Find a Big Wild Summer event or activity at your nearest reserve and let our experts help you be a bit more wild. Whether you want to complete a nature trail, find out what moths are attracted to our moth traps or want to spend a night sleeping amongst nature, have a browse to find your perfect activity. 

Close up view of a reed warbler perched on a reed stem with food in its beak, about to feed its young, of which 3 chicks are poking their head out of a nest with beaks wide open

Help protect our wild places

As part of Big Wild Summer, you’ll have the chance to experience our nature reserves and see first-hand how we’re transforming places into vital homes for wildlife. Sadly, much of the UK’s wildlife is in decline, but we’re working hard to reverse these declines and you can help. Join today as family members and you will protect these special places for nature, plus get free entry to our nature reserves and wildlife magazines for all the family.

Sleep out and challenge yourself

Big Wild Summer is just one of the ways you and your family can get involved with nature. If you're inspired by Detective Hoot and Constable Crumbs' night-time adventures, why not take part in our Big Wild Sleepout? It will count towards your Wild Challenge. Complete six activities to earn your bronze award, then work your way up to gold.