Aerial view of Medmerry

Pagham Harbour and Medmerry

Sitting in one of the few undeveloped stretches of the Sussex coast, Pagham and Medmerry are important places for many species of birds, insects, mammals and plants.

Medmerry courses now available!

RSPB Medmerry now offers essential geopgraphical courses including;

  • KS3 Geographical fieldwork
  • KS4 Coastal Landscapes and Management
  • KS5 A level Coasts.

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Students visiting Medmerry will see first-hand, the dynamic nature of a managed retreat. Ruins of Thorney Farm within the shingle always fascinates students, and helps them to grasp our rapidly changing coastline. They will observe examples of hard and soft engineering strategies: groynes, rock armour, sea wall, and evidence of beach nourishment.

Activities include a wide range of geographical fieldwork sessions, including: measuring the beach profile inside and outside the re-alignment zone, recording beach particle size, establishing the direction of longshore drift, identifying wave type, measuring the strength and direction of the wind, undertaking a field sketch, taking qualitative observations and writing their own risk assessment.

The sessions teach fieldwork techniques relevant for GCSE and A level exams, and students' geographical investigations. Case studies can be found on the Geagraphical Associations website. Historical fieldwork data is also available.

Secondary programmes are designed to last all day, from 10am to 12pm and then 12:30 to 2:30pm. 

How to find us:

For directions to Medmerry Nature Reserve visit the reserve page.

Pagham Harbour

Pagham Harbour offers the unique opportunity to visit our saltmarsh habitat. Children will be working scientifically to investigate specialised plants and identify the minibeasts in the mud samples they collect. The saltmarsh-based sessions reveal foodchains in action: plants, invertebrates and wading birds. At nearby Church Norton, children can visit our shingle coastline, and discover the fascinating story of Pagham spit.

The Land and pond minibeast discovery area, classroom and large bird-hide allow children to have a fun, safe and educational visit.

Each Primary programme is designed to last two hours. Two programmes can be combined to make a whole day visit. Secondary programmes are designed to last all day.

Pagham Harbour has coach parking, but Church Norton (for our coastal sessions) can only be accessed by minibus.

How to find us:

For directions to Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve visit the reserve page.

view from pagham harbour to church norton

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