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A group of school children look up in the sky and point in excitement during a bird watching event

Big Schools' Birdwatch 2022 results

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch 2022. The results are now in, so it's time to see how your school compared to the rest of the UK.

Which bird came top?

Big Schools' Birdwatch creates a yearly snapshot of how some of our best-loved birds are faring on school grounds. Scroll down to find out if there were any surprises, and see how your pupils' survey compared with the overall top ten.


This survey would not have been possible without teachers and their pupils becoming citizen scientists for the day. Why not keep the conversation going? What changes could create more space for nature in your school grounds?


Our Wild Challenge Award has plenty of inspiration, such as the 'Planting for wildlife' activity or creating a 'Habitat heap'.

Close up view of a woodpigeon perched on a branch with blurred greenery in the background

No change at the top

Woodpigeons have retained the top spot for Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2022. It can be tricky to tell the cooing call of woodpigeons and collared doves apart. But woodpigeons coo to this rhythm:

'A proud wood-pi-geon' while collared doves coo their support for football: 'U-ni-ted!'  

Help them stay wild about nature

Have you heard about the RSPB’s Wild Challenge? It’s a free award scheme for schools to help engage children with nature through practical learning opportunities. If you’ve completed this year’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch, you’re already one step closer to achieving a Bronze Award, but there are more than 20 other activities to choose from. Wild Challenge Award provides a perfect framework for learning and is open to all ages and abilities.

A group of schoolchildren stand on a walkway while exploring an RSPB nature reserve

Hands-on learning at an RSPB nature reserve near you

RSPB nature reserves across the UK offer curriculum-linked learning sessions led by education specialists. Get outdoors this year with activities that are designed to inspire curriculum learning through nature while meeting your learning objectives. 


These varied sessions are available in half or full-day segments, and take place in the beautiful surroundings of our nature reserves, where wildlife is just waiting to be discovered. 

A group of schoolchildren explore a pile of leaves with a magnifying glass

The education hub

Let us help you inspire your pupils with the natural world. You’ll find everything you need on our teachers’ page, from information about Wild Challenge, to our education newsletter.

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