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Goldfinch feeding from a garden feeder, County Durham

Let's get charting!

Below is a list of the results you have submitted for Big Schools’ Birdwatch. We’ve also provided some sample results so you can compare your data with results from previous years.

Your data

Here are your results!

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Sample data

We have also provided some sample data:

Name Year Number of birds
2022 Results: Overall 2022 100938
2021 Results: Overall 2021 107585
2020 Results: Overall 2020 153191
2019 Results: Overall 2019 159729
2018 Results: Overall 2018 109062
2017 Results: Overall 2017 110966
2016 Results: Overall 2016 120822
2015 Results: Overall 2015 128660
2014 Results: Overall 2014 86121


  • What happened to the data I gathered in previous years?

The data you collected before 2016 is still on file, and will help our scientists get a better picture of how the UK's birds are faring over time. To help your class compare their results to other data sets, we have included some average data for you from 2014-2015. 

  • When creating a bar chart to compare data sets, how do I know which year is which?

There will be two bars for each bird on the chart. The left-hand bar above each bird corresponds to the data set selected from the left-hand drop down menu under 'Select which data to view'.

  • I entered my results wrongly - can I change them?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make changes to your data once it's been submitted. But you can add a new data set.

  • How do I add another data set?

Go through the submission process in the same way as the first time (you won't need to re-register - just log in with your details). Give the results a new name and they will appear on the charting page under 'Your data'.  

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