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Actions for Nature

We all know how important the natural world is to our wellbeing – and that’s becoming more apparent than ever.

From enjoying the uplifting sound of birdsong through an open window, to getting a welcome dose of fresh air and exercise in a local park, people across the UK are turning to nature for solace, perhaps for the first time. 

What actions did you take?

2020 was a great time to embrace the renewed appreciation for the world around us, and work together to build the future we want to see. We called it #ActionsForNature. We asked you what actions you took. Whether it was feeding your neighbourhood wildlife, lobbying your MP, writing a protest song, or eating less meat and dairy, we loved reading about the actions you took, big and small.

Many of you took a photo or video and shared it with us using #ActionsForNature (which you can see below on our wall). We hope that by sharing your actions, you inspired others to do their bit too, and create a positive movement. From the hundreds of submissions we received, we chose our top seven Super Stories, showcasing the brilliant things people have done to take action for nature.

Activists work together making a difference in Tyne And Wear, Tynemouth Beach | The RSPB
Taking actions for nature - children picking up litter, children in a class with Isobel Bartram, Mark Crisp planting in his garden | The RSPB

Our nature superstars

So many of you sent in amazing stories of your #ActionsForNature. Seven of them really stood out for us. From an incredible young artist and wild teacher, to guerilla gardeners and park magicians, read our seven Super Stories and find out about the inspiring actions they’ve take for nature.