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How to take part

Join hundreds of other bakers across the UK in raising money to protect the nature we love. To help you create tasty nature-themed bakes and get the most out of your baking, here's our step-by-step guide to taking part in Bake for Nature...


You've decided you're Baking for Nature - that's the first step! But now you need to think about when you're going to hold your event and also what you're going to bake.

Try to get as many people involved as possible, so pick a date when your friends and family can get involved too. Involving others means you don't have to do all the baking yourself and you can make lots more lovely sweet treats too.

But whether you go for a cosy evening with a few friends or family, a bake sale in a busy office, or an incredible celebration of baking, it's time to let your imagination run wild and have some fun.

The free pack contains an inspiration guide to give you some ideas, or why not try one of Great British Bake Off-winner Frances Quinn's tasty treats?

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Tell the world

To make your Bake for Nature a success, now is the time to tell people about it.

Helpfully, your free pack contains posters for this very reason! Simply pop in the details about your event and start spreading the word.

Tell all your friends, family and colleagues. The more of you that spread the word, the better your sale will be and the more cash you'll raise for nature. See the Promoting your Bake for Nature page for some extras to help your promote your event.

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Whether you're making a giant showstopper or lots of smaller cupcakes, now's the time to get baking.

Creating your bakes is the fun bit - just make sure you don't try them all yourself!

We've got a few recipes to get you started - take a look!

On the day

The big day has arrived!

Whether your event is a huge baking showcase or a smaller affair, now's the time to share your creations with the world.

Use the bunting in the free pack to make your event look swish and the free game to keep people entertained whilst eating your delicious bakes.

Your pack also contains a handy cash collection box to put all that dough people will donate for your tasty treats. Also, check out the downloadable extras available.

One final thing on the day is to make sure you share your bakes and your event on social media - use #BakeForNature

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And finally...

Everyone has gone home with a full stomach and all that's left is crumbs and bunting to take down.

Now, all you need to do is pay in the cash you've collected! Whether it's £1 or £100 it will go directly to Giving Nature a Home and saving threatened species.

Visit the Pay in your donations page and you'll be able to pay in the money quickly and securely. 

Thank you for saving nature one cake at a time.

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Your free pack contains all you need to get started, including recipes, cake toppers and cash collection box.

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