Check out the results below and compare them with the nationwide results so far.

Your top 9 birds:

Goldfinch 7
Feral pigeon 7
Blue tit 4
Dunnock 3
Starling 3
House sparrow 2
Blackbird 1
Collared dove 1
Great tit 1

16,491,213 birds counted so far

Nationwide results so far:

House sparrow 2422850
Blue tit 1598908
Starling 1557870
Blackbird 1378165
Woodpigeon 1314606
Robin 889332
Great tit 856524
Goldfinch 841217
Magpie 683848
Long tailed tit 601581

Last year's results:

1,019,802 people took part and counted 17,117,256 birds in total

In 2021 the most widely spotted bird was the house sparrow

28% of participants spotted a goldfinch

How to help garden birds

We hope you enjoyed taking part in this year’s Birdwatch. As well as putting food and water out for garden birds, there’s lots of other ways to help nature at home. We’ve got plenty of suggestions on our Nature on Your Doorstep wildlife gardening webpages. Here you’ll find everything from how to put in a pond to what flowers to plant to help bees. You’ll also find all you need know about nestboxes, and with National Nestbox week running 14-21 February, what better time to put one up!