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Blue tits | The RSPB

Big Garden Birdwatch results

Top ten birds revealed

Discover the birds that are top of the flocks in this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

A robin is chirping on screen with the caption: This winter, over one million of you did something incredible for nature.

The robin flies off and is replaced with a young girl putting out food for her garden birds. A chaffinch hops away and there’s another girl using her binoculars to look for wildlife.

Ten small photographs then fill the screen showing a mixture of people taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch and birds on feeders and in gardens. The caption over these photographs says Together you counted over 17 million birds!

Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin are then shown standing next to each other outside in the rain. Megan McCubbin says: “We’ve got great big smiles on our faces.” And Chris Packham adds: “Yes, because it’s the Big Garden Birdwatch.”

A wren then pops into view before another split screen of four clips showing some of the web camera footage of feeding stations from the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend.  A coal tit flits in and out on a snowy bird table on one and a woodpigeon, blue tit and goldfinch visit another.

The caption over these says “Over 100, 000 of you tuned in for Big Garden Birdwatch Live!”

Miranda Krestovnikoff, RSPB President, who is sitting alongside Dr Amir Khan, says: “Thank you so much for joining us.”

She is followed by RSPB Youth Council member Kabir, who is sitting alongside the RSPB’s Jamie Wyver, who says “It’s been a real pleasure.”

A tree stump with bird food on is then shown being visited by chaffinches and coal tits with the headline caption of

“And now the results are in…”

A long-tailed tit is sitting on a branch in the snow with the caption:

10.  Long-tailed tit down 1 place

Up 19% in past decade

A magpie is then pecking in the grass with the caption:

9.  Magpie up 1 place
Up 192% since 1979

A goldfinch is perched on a twig preening with the caption:

8. Goldfinch down 2 places

Up 13% in past decade

A great tit then hops to get food from on a tree root with the caption:

7.  Great tit no change

Up 57% since 1979

A robin perched on a piece of wood lifts its left foot and scratches its head with the caption:

6. Robin up 2 places

Down 25% since 1979

A woodpigeon picks up and gulps down an acorn then flies off with the caption:

5. Woodpigeon up 1 place

Up 1029% since 1979


A male blackbird is standing on a bird table it looks around before flying up on to the top of a fence with the caption:

4. Blackbird up 1 place

Down 41% since 1979

A starling is gripping on to a fat ball feeder it looks around before flying off with the caption:

3. Starling down 1 place

Down 83% since 1979

A blue tit then flies in to a mesh feeder that looks to be filled with sunflower hearts and suet nibbles. The caption is:

2. Blue tit up 1 place

Up 10% since 1979.

A male house sparrow is then perched in a tree covered with light green leaves with a backdrop of a bright blue sky. The caption says:

1.   House sparrow no change
Down 58% since 1979.

The last frame shows the a female house sparrow on a fat ball feeder with the words:

“Thank you for being one in a million.”

The RSPB logo also fades into view.

Robin | The RSPB

UK top ten


House sparrow 


Blue tit










Great tit






Long-tailed tit


House sparrows on feeder | The RSPB

Flying high or running low. What’s changed?

Blackbird bathing | The RSPB

This year’s Big Garden Birdwatch was the biggest Birdwatch ever, with more than 17 million birds counted and over a million people taking part.

Top spot for 2021 goes to the house sparrow. It’s the 18th year running that this plucky little bird has taken the Birdwatch crown!

Blackbirds and robins have also done well this year, both moving up the table and coming in at 4th and 6th place respectively. Meanwhile, finch numbers have continued to fall, with greenfinches and chaffinches recording their lowest numbers ever.

Is 2021 a bumper Birdwatch?

Nuthatch feeding | The RSPB

This year’s Birdwatch saw record numbers of people enjoying nature and counting the birds. But while this may have been a bumper year for Big Garden Birdwatchers, we’re not living through a bumper time for birds. The sad truth is that there are actually far fewer birds around.

Over the last 50 years, 40 million birds have vanished from the UK’s skies. And it’s not just birds that are suffering. The latest State of Nature report found that around two-fifths of UK species are in decline including turtle doves, red squirrels and water voles. Nature needs our help like never before.

Enjoy more of the nature you love

Robin heading in to eat a fat ball | The RSPB

The Big Garden Birdwatch is a great way to come together with others and share in the excitement of discovering the natural world. And there’s so much more to enjoy!  As an RSPB member, you’ll be joining a community of over one million like-minded nature lovers, sharing your love of nature and enjoying more of what you love.

You’ll also receive our award-winning magazine, bringing you the best wildlife stories from across the UK and showing you how to see more wildlife where you are.  Join today and be part of our community of nature lovers. Together, let’s share in the wonder of wildlife and discover more of nature’s delights.

BGBW 2021 Country results

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