Put a little wild in your world

Get your garden buzzing in just six weeks, with this free guide from wildlife expert Adrian Thomas

Feel great in your outdoor space today, by making it a home for wildlife. More birds, bees and butterflies are waiting for you!

Let Adrian guide you through a series of activities that are fun to do and simple to achieve, with results that’ll put a smile on your face. For wild inspiration and discovery, sign up today.

Meet Adrian, your instructor

“I can’t wait to show you some quick and easy ways to make more wildlife welcome in your world. Click below to answer a couple of questions, and then I’ll send you the first of six emails, tailored especially for you. Together we’ll get your garden hopping with wildlife in no time. See you soon!”

Garden activities for you to try

Whether you’ve a few flowerpots, a balcony or a big garden, there’s an activity that’s sure to suit you. What will you try first?

Get the little ones involved

Get the whole family involved with Wild Challenge. This is a great award scheme that is all about doing things to help nature at home, as well as helping children forge a lasting friendship with the natural world.

There are lots of fun activities for you to choose from, whatever your children’s ages and abilities.

Family searching for bugs