Nature on Your Doorstep

Do great things for the wildlife where you live!

Whatever your outdoor space, be it a balcony or courtyard, garden or window box, you’ll find expert tips and tricks to make it a happier place for you, and the nature on your doorstep.

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Make your outdoor space work for you and nature

Whether your outdoor space is a new blank canvas, or just a bit unloved, we’re here to help you make it a joyful space for you and nature. Get started with step by step advice from our resident wildlife gardening expert, Adrian Thomas.


Why is this important? Because nature needs you. Our UK wildlife is in crisis, but one of the easiest ways to help is right on our doorsteps. Side by side, UK gardens, backyards and balconies are almost three times bigger than all of the RSPB's 200-plus nature reserves combined! Together, we can make a huge difference for nature.


Take a look at Adrian's guide, which includes details for adding wildlife-friendly window boxes to putting in a seating area, or digging a mini pond. Turn your patch into a better place for you and the nature on your doorstep

The latest from our doorstep

Have You Heard About The Wildflower Alleys In The Heart Of Belfast?

A community in Belfast have tackled the high pollution and crime rates in their alleyways by transforming the backstreets of their neighbourhood into thriving, urban wildflower gardens!

The Community that Grew their Gardens Over Zoom

Have you heard about the Sunflower Club community who grew their gardens over zoom? In 2020, when the U.K. went lockdown, council worker Jane saw a unique opportunity to bring together a group of people from all over Cardiff, to share in the joys of community growing.

A Colony of Artists creating sanctuaries for swifts

As part of a network of Swift City projects, these artists, who use their own gardens as exhibition spaces, have also transformed them into wildlife havens! This creates homes for the swifts and attracts more pollinators, which in turn provides the swifts with more food. All around this area, you will not only find beautiful murals, but also thriving wildlife gardens and swift boxes.

Community Garden Created In Highrise London Estate

Meet the community gardeners turning their London borough into a haven and welcoming wildlife into the heart of the city

More videos

For more inspiration, head to our dedicated Nature on Your Doorstep YouTube playlist. To view our videos in Welsh, visit our Welsh YouTube page

Wellies planted with flowers

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