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Climate change is already having an impact on much of our wildlife. You’ve helped us to turn red hearts green since 2015! Show the Love returns from 5 - 24 February 2019.

Why is the RSPB involved?

The RSPB is one of over 130 members of The Climate Coalition and sister organisations, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and Stop Climate Chaos Cymru. Together we are the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to climate action.

Climate change is already affecting much of the wildlife we love. Warmer seas are causing some seabirds to struggle to find food, and unseasonably wet weather has seen the nests of some wetland birds washed away, devastating populations. Meanwhile birds traditionally found in warmer climates, such as egrets, are becoming more common in the uk. 

We’re working hard to make a difference, and are determined to make sure our nature has a home in the future.

Pink footed geese Anser brachyrhyncus, in flight past wind turbines, Near Diepholz, Lower Saxony, Germany,

How you can get involved

Only by working together can we protect the things we love. Ahead of the next Show the Love campaign

  • Get The Climate Coalition’s Community Guide, it’s packed full with great ideas you can do individually or in groups. Download, or order resources directly.
  • Don’t forget to send a green heart to your MP! It’s a great way to show them you care about wildlife!
  • Spin the wheel for ideas of how to reduce your carbon footprint
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Switch to green energy

Here’s something you can do to show the love and help combat climate change without even leaving your chair.


Switch to green energy with our partner Ecotricity and we’ll receive £50 for every year you remain with them. Just quote ‘RSPB’ when you sign up. That’s great for us, but what’s really great for the planet is that, so far RSPB supporters have saved over 3,500 metric tonnes of CO2 by switching. That would take 1,737,000 trees an entire year to store that amount of carbon!


So switch to green energy with Ecotricity today, and you’ll be doing us and the planet a favour.


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