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Reservoir at RSPB Lake Vyrnwy Nature Reserve | The RSPB

Constituency Campaigning

We are at a turning point. As we build back from the current health crisis, we can choose to tackle the environmental crisis and rebuild a resilient economy that benefits everyone in society. Or we can let the moment for change pass us by, go back to old ways.

RSPB Cymru knows that to make change we must influence the top decision-makers in government while building a powerful movement for nature.


We want to run this activity to give you the knowledge and tools to directly lobby these decision-makers together. This is an opportunity to meet RSPB campaigners near you and across Wales, to come together to use your collective voice to ask for change. We need to tell politicians that #WeNeedNature to ensure a healthy, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild a strong economy.

RSPB Cymru Constituency Campaigning Resources

Thank you for showing interest in our constituency campaigning events. Have a look through the downloadable resources provided below and sign up here.

Placard at the Time Is Now mass lobby | The RSPB

Supporter Guide

For information on the next steps to take, read our Supporter Guide:

Stop Climate Chaos media stunt | The RSPB

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Additional resources


Below you can find more useful documents to assist your campaigning journey.