Environment watchdog campaign

Support an environmental watchdog that works for nature.

As the government consults on an new environmental watchdog, it's our opportunity to take action and make certain nature’s future protection. 

A chance to save nature

Nature is in trouble. An audit of the UK's wildlife found that over half of species assessed had declined since the 1970s (see State of Nature report), with many of our much-loved animals, such as puffins, water voles and red squirrels, struggling.

Right now, we have an opportunity to show our support for nature and ensure its future protection. The UK government is consulting on plans for an environmental watchdog in England, and with your help, we can make sure it can safeguard the wildlife we all love.

This is our chance to make sure that our wild places, like the New Forest and Peak District Moors, remain cherished places for people and wildlife.

A watchdog with power

When we leave the EU, we will be left with no watchdog. We need to make sure we create a robust and capable new environment watchdog that can protect our precious wildlife and natural places. It must have powers to save struggling species by enforcing targets set for nature’s recovery.

Without sufficient protection, nature faces serious threats. In the 1970s otters were on the brink of extinction in England, but thanks to the banning of harmful pesticides and concerted efforts to improve our rivers, these charming animals are now thriving.

This works!

We know that campaigns like this do make a difference. You may recall our Defend Nature campaign: when the laws that protect nature came under threat, 520,000 people across Europe joined us in speaking up and stopped any weakening of the Nature Directives. 

This is our chance to make sure that wild places remain cherished. Add your voice to our campaign for a world-leading environment watchdog. 

Picture of a reedbed in the Norfolk broads

Act now

It is quick and easy to add your voice to our campaign. Please act now to champion wildlife and support a strong environmental watchdog.

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