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Recorded by our very own Adrian Thomas, these short bird song tracks are perfect for your everyday playlists. Don't forget to pre-order the main single at the bottom of the page!

Bird song to relax to

Recorded at RSPB Dinas (Carmarthenshire), it's impossible to escape the sound of water here, for crystal clear waters gush and tumble down the valley, and sheep bleat from the hillsides. Recorded in mid-May at dawn, we think this track is great to relax to.

Who's singing?

A special mix of voices particular to these western upland woods is in full swing. The spinning coin song of the wood warbler (3") rings out, joined by the wistful cascade of the willow warbler (9"). The wood warbler switches to his sweet 'pew pew pew' song (12"), and a pied flycatcher starts his 'step exercise' simple song (21"). A great spotted woodpecker drums on a dead branch (37"), before a garden warbler starts to sing with verses as babbling as the brook nearby (39"). A grey wagtail flies up from the water's edge with a sharp 'zit zit' call to be heard over the water (52").

Bird song to relax to

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Bird song for workouts coming soon...

Didn't think bird song could be a workout track? Think again, this piece is a high-energy symphony!

Bird song to start your day coming soon...

When the alarm is ringing and a to-do list is calling, this energising bird song track is a great way to embrace the morning.

Chart success!

Let Nature Sing was your opportunity to put the birds you care about on the main stage. Thanks to you, we reached #18 in the charts! Thank you for helping us make history. Don’t forget you can still buy/stream the song and show your support for nature.

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