Woodpecker knitting pattern

The woodpecker's rhythmic drumming is impossible to ignore on a woodland stroll, so naturally, this star made our Let Nature Sing single!

Free knitting pattern

Woodpecker knitting pattern

Knit your own star soloist using this step-by-step guide complete with templates and tips. This project is taken from Knitted Birds by Nicky Fijalkowska and Search Press.

Meet, Nicky, our Big Garden Birdwatch TV star!

Nicky - Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

"I've been knitting for about 7 or 8 years now - I haven't got the patience to knit large objects - every jumper I've ever knitted has failed terribly - they've been saggy or not fit properly!

I've always loved birds so they seemed like the logical thing to knit. These little birds are small and easy to finish, perfect for whiling away an afternoon."

Nicky's book is available from our shop!

Got the knitting bug? Nicky's book has over 30 patterns to choose from and it's available from our RSPB shop!

Chart success!

Let Nature Sing was your opportunity to put the birds you care about on the main stage. Thanks to you, we reached #18 in the charts! Thank you for helping us make history. Don’t forget you can still buy/stream the song and show your support for nature.

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