Children clearing litter on beach

SC Johnson

We’ve teamed up with SC Johnson to launch an ambitious project to educate the public on the extent of the marine plastics problem.

What's happened so far?

Our partnership will stretch across the UK, with SC Johnson providing generous funding for the RSPB to:

  • Host 50 plastic clean-up events, planned across 12 reserves in 2019 and 2020.
  • Run a series of workshops to empower our youth members to address some of the environment’s greatest threats.
  • Roll out a national communications programme where we hope to show our members how they can help tackle the issue of plastics in our oceans.
Turtle caught in netting on beach


This partnership will see dozens of young people engage in workshops; thousands from communities close to our reserves take part in clean-ups; and hundreds of thousands of members learn more about how they can help tackle ocean plastics.

Litter found on beach