Owl + Lark


Protecting nature together

Whether you’re a night owl, or up with the lark, sleep is important. The RSPB has teamed up with Owl + Lark to help you find a luxurious mattress that’s engineered for better sleep. Sustainability is a concern for many when it comes to mattresses, but Owl + Lark are working towards making sure theirs are recyclable. And for every mattress they sell, they’ll donate £25 to the RSPB, helping to support our critical work to save nature and protect the environment.


Owl + Lark luxury mattresses

Supporting Great Sleep

Owl + Lark is a new UK-based sleep company that launched in March 2020. It was founded on the firm belief that everyone needs good sleep to stay healthy, feel good and perform at their best. Owl + Lark knows that sleep affects every aspect of our lives; it’s not a luxury, but essential for our health and wellbeing. That’s why Owl + Lark designs products to help people sleep better and wake up ready to meet the day.