Smart Energy GB

Energy fit for the future

The RSPB wants energy to be more environmentally sustainable, secure and affordable. That’s why we’re working with Smart Energy GB towards a lower-carbon future in harmony with nature. The UK’s energy system is outdated. It needs a modern, future-proof energy network to make sure this energy is being created and delivered efficiently, with less wastage. Smart meters are the building blocks for an energy system fit for the future and more friendly to the environment.

The challenge

Net Zero by 2050. That’s the government’s pledge to fight climate change by reducing net greenhouse-gas emissions to nil within the next 30 years. It really can’t happen soon enough; we’re already seeing the effects of climate change on the natural world and the wildlife we love. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing all of Earth’s species. One we can all do our bit to tackle, including by requesting a smart meter from your energy provider.

One small change

We all want to make big changes to help the environment, but sometimes we have to start small. We’re working together with Smart Energy GB to share the benefits of smart meters. Smart meters send your gas and electricity readings directly to your energy supplier, so no more meter readings. Plus, with a smart meter you’ll only get charged for what you use so goodbye to estimated bills!

Our own reserve network

The RSPB tries to practice what we preach for a low-carbon future. Not only are our reserves home to imperilled species, they house various green improvements to reduce our footprint. We have installed smart meters across all our reserves with grid connections. Plus, over 50% of our electricity is produced via wind and solar systems at eight of our sites. We can do more, but we’re asking our members to join in by making one small change today and requesting a smart meter.