Wetland Bird Counter, Tetney Marshes

Wednesday 29 January 2020
Vacancy type:
Practical conservation, Volunteering at home
Tetney Marshes

What we're looking for

We urgently want wetland bird counters to survey waders and waterfowl using the inter-tidal mudflats of the Humber Estuary. The whole estuary is counted one Sunday a month by a large team of dedicated volunteers as part of the national Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS). Set up in 1947 the WeBS scheme covers 2000 of the most important sites for non-breeding waterfowl in the UK. This information is invaluable to identifying long-term population trends. The Humber Estuary is subject to huge development pressure, especially on the south Humber bank. The RSPB is concerned about the impact of this development on the birds of the Estuary. WeBS data is often referenced as key information in determining potential impacts, however there are some gaps in WeBS coverage, which mean that it is not up to date for the whole area. The RSPB and BTO are seeking help fill these gaps.

The skills you need

Good bird identification skills. Happy to work alone. Ability to get to and from the survey area. Experience and knowledge of estuarine habitats desirable but not essential.

Your time

WeBS counts take 3-4 hours
One day a month - fixed dates, usually Sundays

What's in it for you?

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a network of over 3000 volunteers involved in the WeBS scheme and become more involved with the UK's largest conservation charity, the RSPB. The Humber Estuary supports over 150,000 non-breeding waterbirds over winter and on passage being part of a team which monitors and ultimately helps to protect this internationally important estuary can be very rewarding not least for the bird spectacles and occasional rarities you should get to see on this important migratory stop-over.

How to apply


Mike Pilsworth, Northern Eng Reg Office, Denby Dale
Tel: 01484 861148
Email: Mike.Pilsworth@rspb.org.uk


Some training and support will be available to get you started from both RSPB and BTO. More details with regards the WeBS scheme and BTO volunteering can be found on their website www.bto.org/webs or by telephoning 01842 750050.

Reference number 3852