Raptors on the Rock - Symonds Yat

Monday 30 July 2018
Vacancy type:
Practical conservation, Publicity and promotional, Helping visitors at our reserves
Symonds Yat Rock

What we're looking for

To enthuse and inspire everyone about raptors, especially peregrines and the far-reaching work of the RSPB. Symonds Yat is a busy location providing an amazing opportunity to bring wildlife to life. With a fantastic view of nesting Peregrine falcons, this viewpoint provides RSPB with an opportunity to give people close up views of these incredible birds and invite people to support the work of RSPB in all sort of ways helping everyone understand who we really are and raise our profile. Our friendly and chatty volunteers enhance a visitor's experience at Symonds Yat and adds value to this Forestry Commission site.

The skills you need

You don't need to be a wildlife expert! The answers to common questions are learned very quickly. We are looking for enthusiastic and friendly characters to join a happy team. Working outdoors and on your feet whilst chatting to people all day requires a certain amount of stamina! We are looking for people who feel comfortable initiating inspirational conversations about RSPB's work and encouraging support for the organisation.

Your time

11.00 - 16.00hrs, particularly Weekends
7 months
March - September

What's in it for you?

An opportunity to share your passion and enthusiasm for nature in a stunning location, translating it into tangible benefits for worldwide wildlife conservation. The RSPB is an active and exciting conservation charity, the largest in Europe! We can help you gain skills and give you a valuable insight into our work.

How to apply


Hannah Booth, Gloucestershire Office
Tel: 01594 562852
Email: Hannah.Booth@rspb.org.uk


We're a friendly team who enjoy inspiring people. We reimburse travel expenses within a 25 mile radius. We provide necessary training and will get you working alongside other experienced volunteers until you are comfortable and confident. The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. We rely upon memberships and donations to fund our work. By volunteering your time and skills, you could make a real difference to the work of the RSPB. Nature is amazing – help us keep it that way.

Reference number 5326