Wildlife Surveyor - RSPB Loch Lomond

Wednesday 29 May 2013
Vacancy type:
Practical conservation, Surveying wildlife
Loch Lomond

What we're looking for

We need both amateur and expert wildlife surveyors to cover as many different groups of species as possible on this diverse and exciting site, from bees, butterfly orchids and birds to ladybirds, lamprey and liverworts. This will help us to find out what species are present on the beautiful new site at RSPB Loch Lomond in Gartocharn, in order to better inform our plans for habitat management and to contribute to the RSPB's Saving Nature strategy.

The skills you need

Specialist natural history/wildlife knowledge. For example, this could be birds, botany, moths, butterflies, mammals, fish etc. or at least a keen interest and a willingness to learn under your own steam. We can provide basic equipment and guidance but much of this role relies on your own motivation to succeed and your willingness to share your skills with us.

Your time

Flexible but at least one day per month
Time of year appropriate to taxa

What's in it for you?

A chance to be part of an exciting site for wildlife, building up or expanding on your range of nature skills, including fieldwork techniques, learning about specific groups of plants, invertebrates, fungi etc, improving your birdwatching skills. Also, you will gain a valuable insight into the work of the RSPB which could help you to develop skills for your future career.

How to apply


Paula Baker, Loch Lomond
Tel: 01389 830670
Email: Paula.Baker@rspb.org.uk


This role is based at RSPB Loch Lomond in Gartocharn, West Dunbartonshire. All the training necessary and background information will be provided and since you'll be giving up your time, it's only fair that we offer to re-imburse your travel expenses (up to 25 miles). The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. We rely upon memberships and donations to fund our work. By volunteering your time and skills, you could make a real difference to the work of the RSPB. Nature is amazing – help us keep it that way.

Reference number 6692